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Information Discovery – Business Intelligence on your Un-Structured Data

With large number of enterprises moving towards accuracy and faster decision making, data mining and analytics has become priority for almost every industry. Since data is massive, and mostly unstructured and user-generated – its interpretation is a huge challenge for enterprises. Information discovery is a newest concept that makes text mining simpler, faster, better and feasible. Depending on your company’s specific requirement, Datainfi’s new-gen text analytics and data assessment platform empowers businesses to be more productive and better decision-shapers. It enables businesses to gain valuable insights in the fastest time as is designed around common use cases – across various industry divisions.

Key benefits of Information Discovery platform

Appropriately bridges the gap between business needs and information available.
Collects and analyses all types of documents including databases, websites, research works, patents, social media content and other enterprise data sources.
Enables enterprises to utilize data in all kinds of formats including images, text.
Provides relevant and actionable insights that help enterprises make faster and more informed decisions.
Protects a brand image online by analysing and designing data models and data transformation queries
Predicts future events and improves performance remarkably by automating decision making processes

Information Discovery techniques

Information discovery techniques applied by Datainfi are often driven by various business intelligence activities. Various software applications are used for analysing organisation’s unstructured data in order to take more informed decisions. Both historic and latest information is used for data mining, analytical processing, querying and reporting. The algorithms that we employ are exceptionally suitable for problem solving and deriving value from the available data.

If you have a requirement for text analysis or data assessment, our information discovery model can empower your business with actionable insights that certainly helps make faster and improved decisions. For any further queries, drop us a mail at sales@datainfi.com

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Industry Expertise

Original and decisive data analysis and search procedures for comprehensive transformation

The challenging world of automotive industry needs a meaningful assessment and innovative makeover. Datainfisolely design its search techniques that address all the key challenges of automotive industry and helps youtransform your business. Our cutting-edge delivery process ensures better business efficiency, agility and productivity so that your business stays profitable and competitive.

To be a game changer, choose an expertise that decodes your data and make it significant for the business!

Structuring health data to improve your work efficiency and patient safety adapting advanced search technology

Healthcare industry is massive that deals with real issues – patient care, its safety, medical expenses, claim adjustment and the rest! Datainfi with its strategic search and data analysis solutions addresses all the major issues related to documentation or medical procedures. With our real-world solutions we create a simple, value-based care delivery model that improves health industry service standards and makes it more patient-centric.

To be a caring yet competitive healthcare expert, choose an expert who focuses on accountability, quality and affordability!

Extracting and defining academically relevant content and categorising all publications effectively

Datainfi delivers customizable search and browsing interface relevant to the students as well as teaching faculties. Our easy-to-use, robust and performance-based search index helps in extracting information from electronic publications and segment structured data according to applicability and quality.

To be a part of technological innovation and excellence in search and classification of library content, pick out a futuristic professional!

Identify technology trends, take better decisions and gain additional insights with patent analysis and search methods

Datainfiperforms rigorous data mining and comprehensive data analysis that enables clients take crucial decisions on new product development, strategic development and R & D. With our concise and insightful analysis and simplified search methods you can identify risks, perform competitive benchmarking, understand IP roadblocks and maximize its value, improve your patenting strategies and a lot more.

Get your patent data monitored and evaluated periodically by the experts and identify new business opportunities for future developments!

Simplified, customer friendly legal and insurance data management plans thoroughly analysed and categorised

Datainfisupports emerging technologies to analyse and categorize insurance as well as legal documents. Our insurance data analysis services help insurance companies simplify their processes and become more productive. Additionally, our legal search and analysis system is well equipped that offers automated alerts providing threat information, susceptibilities and helpful advisories from vendors or government agencies, issued from time-to-time.

To enjoy a safe and a protected legal and insurance management environment, consider anenterprise search and analysis expert with global exposure and professional dignity!

Improved health outcomes driven by innovation, time-tested strategies and proven search and analysis tools

Datainfi offers world-class research analysis and categorisation process that effectively enhances pharmaceutical business agility across the life sciences environment. Our categorized publications help you identify research data through our simplified search formula and help your consume it to your best benefits.

Be aninnovator – drive business value beyond assent by bringing new and advanced analysis and search technologies!

Access social media platforms conveniently with modern yet simplified search techniques and enhance your online exposure and visibility

Exposure to social media portals helps you understand your business and your customer requirement appropriately. Datainfi with its applied expertise and proven Social Media search and analysis processes mitigate social related risks affecting your business and stakeholders. We provide end-to-end social media solution that enhances your online visibility; identify future opportunities and risks in a detailed format.

Research tools for easier searching, analytics, discovery & text mining of heterogeneous and large document sets

  • Search engine

    (Fulltext search)
    Easy full text search in many data sources and formats: Just enter a search query (can include powerful search operators) and navigate through the results.

  • Thesaurus & Grammar

    (Semantic search)
    The semantic search engine will find synonyms, hyponyms and aliases, too. Using heuristics for grammar rules like stemming it will find other word forms, too.

  • Interactive filters

    (Faceted search)
    Easy navigation trough many results with interactive filters (faceted search) which aggregate an overview over (meta) data like authors, dates, tags or document types

  • Exploration, browsing & preview

    (Exploratory search)
    Analyze or review document sets by preview, extracted text or wordlists for textmining.

  • Collaborative annotation and tagging

    Tag your documents with keywords, categories, named entities or text notes that are not included in the original content to find them better in other research or search contexts.

  • Data Visualization

    Visualizing data like document dates as trend charts or text analysis for example as word clouds or view results with geodata as interactive maps.

  • Alerts & Watchlists

    Stay informed via watch-lists, activity streams or news alerts: Subscribe searches as RSS-Newsfeed and get notifications when there are changed or new documents or results.

  • Supports different file formats

    No matter if structured data like databases, tables or spreadsheets or unstructured data like text documents, E-Mails or even scanned legacy documents: Search in many different formats and content types

  • Supports multiple data sources

    Find all your data at one place: Search in many different data sources like files and directories, fileserver, file shares, databases, websites, Content Management Systems, RSS-Feeds and many more.

  • Automatic text recognition

    Optical character recognition (OCR) or automatic text recognition for images and text content stored in graphical format like scanned legacy documents, screenshots or photographed documents in the form of image files or embedded in PDF files.

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About Us

DataInfi was founded in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India, in 2016 by analysts and machine learning experts to bring the power of transformative technology to core business operations of SMEs.

With the unique combination of information gathering and analysis, we build algorithms that iteratively learn from data and deliver hidden insights. While the concept of machine learning isn’t new, its ability to apply complex mathematical calculations to automatically extract useful information is a recent development.

Some of its latest applications that you might be familiar with:

  • Web searches that recognize inputs, display relevant searches, predict results on relevance and return a ranked output.
  • Tracking of social media to know what people are saying about your brand/business/services.
  • Extracting actionable insights from redundant data.
  • Fluid web/mobile advertising.

Obsessed about delivering an impact, we create tangible results that:

  • Give your business organizational structure and skills that it needs to continue to grow over the long haul.
  • Use entire dataset, including the unstructured data, to identify high-value patterns.
  • Automate your processes that fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

With our core values of collaboration, transparency, and intellectual curiosity, we ensure that our work remains accessible to you at entire project (and later) stages. It is our commitment to unleash innovation around the world, and we’ll be happy to work on your project along the way.

To know more how we can help your business increase its current potential, please take a look at our services or get in touch with us today.

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